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These elastic Office environment staples get the job finished when it comes to holding papers together, Nevertheless they’re also super-flexible helpers you could use all over the residence. In this article several troubles which they address very well:

Open a doorway quickly

Loop a rubber band close to a doorknob so it makes an “X” that presses the latch open up. This trick is very beneficial when you are unloading an armful of groceries, or must open up a sticky doorway without having waking a sleeping toddler (or spouse).
Get a dropped item in a good location.Check Bluetooth Speakers

Extend a nylon stocking around your vacuum’s extension wand, and secure that has a rubber band. Then, You may use the device’s suction to safely choose-up one thing you dropped behind the sofa or underneath the bed.
Extend a rubber band across a paint can to supply a spot to wipe excessive liquid off your brush. This minimizes spills and retains the can’s edges clear to help you effortlessly seal it once again when you’re done.
Continue to keep clothing from sliding off hangers.
Looped vertically more than the finishes of a hanger, a rubber band supplies adequate friction to keep slippery blouses of the floor.
In a pinch, Ms. Momasaurus, found that a little piece of a rubber band can double being an earring back.

Stabilize a chopping board

When your board slips as you slice, wrap a rubber band around it to assist it stay set up with your counter.
This Cooper Circumstances notebook desk incorporates a roll out tray you could use to your cellphone, espresso mug, or any extra stationary resources that you should hold you productive and arranged. Together with the pullout tray, this ergonomic notebook stand has also a e-book stand that you could tuck away beneath the transportable riser. This is excellent if you merely wish to rest following a prolonged day at function, and lay on your mattress while catching up on your favorite e-book.
Not only does this notebook tray is perfect for the mattress, but in addition wonderful any where else that you simply may need to sit down and do some operate. In addition, it has a neat strap that will assist you to carry about. One thing relating to this stand is the fact that it doesn’t have a stopper like Other folks, which might or might not be ideal for some people.
Keep your equipment handy.
We noticed this clever idea on Hometalk: If you’re working on a undertaking in addition to a ladder, tie a rubber band in your Resource and wrap another stop close to your wrist. Then, when you drop your grip, or need to have two arms, it would not drop to the ground.
Step one to receiving arranged may just be wrapping some rubber bands about a piece of wood, like this Whimseybox challenge.

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