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Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight has experienced plateaus – you lose weight over a period of a few weeks and then magically, the weight loss stops. This phenomenon frustrates people trying to lose weight to the point where they quit trying. They abandon the eating plan or stop doing a particular form of exercise.

Your Body Acclimates to Change

What’s happened to people hitting plateaus is their bodies have gotten used to a way of eating or exercising. Now you enter a period of time where nothing acceleration happens until you make it happen by introducing a weight loss accelerator.

The following sections discusses examples of accelerators that will get you back on track to blasting fat and ultimately, losing weight.

An Eating Plan Accelerator

Let’s say you have started an eating plan that requires you to limit the portions of food you eat. Initially, you will drop pounds especially if you have increased your activity level. During the first three weeks, you drop five pounds. During the fourth and fifth week, there’s no change in weight – even though you continue to restrict calories and maintain your activity level.

Adding an accelerator will move you through the plateau. You keep restricting calories as well as focusing on sugar intake. You pick a level of sugar grams (typically 25 – 50 grams you will consume per day. A caution – this is not easy to do. Eating processed foods almost guarantee sugar consumption. But limiting sugar will knock your body back into fat blasting.

An Exercise Accelerator

Suppose you walk every day. In two months, you’ve managed to drop 5 pounds, but you know the rate of weight loss is slowing. Something as simple as carrying weights as you walk (all other factors remaining the same such as length and frequency of walking) will at as an accelerator.

Mix and Match

Many people find that they can mix and match nutritional plans and exercise as accelerators. For example, you add walking to your program of food restriction. Similarly, you add sugar restriction to your interval training workout.

Keeping Track

Keeping track of your progress is required to ensure the effectiveness of weight loss accelerators. Without taking starting weight and measurements, you will not know when to add an accelerator.

It Sounds Like You Are Tricking Yourself

If you are thinking that this “accelerator theory” is about tricking your body, you are correct. Accelerators jolt your body out of a routine and into another period of weight loss.

Tips for Weight Loss
The “accelerator theory” works for the vast majority of people trying to lose weight. The author spent considerable time and energy figuring out how to drop weight and increase fitness levels using accelerators. Click Weight Loss Tips for free articles highlighting proven ways to drop weight.

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