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Many studies have been conducted related to fitness for girls and the results show that most of the girls have shunned sports and have neglected fitness and are not concerned about being fit at all.

This causes anxiety in parents who are concerned for their daughter’s health. When a girl steps into adolescence, her parents search for ways, to keep their daughter interested in being fit like their son.

The solution is to teach kids, right from childhood that it is a style of life to choose fitness and being fit is nothing short of a lifetime endeavor.

Boys do not pose a problem when it is fitness is concerned as they are sports oriented and are ever conscious about being fit. The girls are the ones who are inactive when fitness is under consideration, during adolescence and are blissfully ignorant about the benefits of being fit.

Judy Notay, a fitness education consultant, mentioned that girls show an alarming decrease in their enthusiasm and interests towards sports when they become 12 or 13 years old. The girls? team performances take a steep dip downwards.

To maintain the focus of the girls in fitness conscience, parents must select a school which provides appropriate fitness programs that mirrors their interests.

Role modeling is the logic here.

A Physical Training professor, Rick Bell, in the Victoria University said that the fall in interests of girls in fitness is because of the occasions that occur in school.

He says that the school curriculum and the interests of the girls do not match and the activities and competitions offered are not liked by girls as they have a different view over the significance of sports.

The activities that attract girls are things like dancing, says professor Bell.

Nowadays, many schools offer these kinds of activities of dance programs and the like. A few examples of these are social dance, jazz and modern.

Some other activities that attract the girls are outdoor educational programs and aerobics and are very effective when capturing the attention of kids and also make girls very active, is to be done.

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