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Factors that need to be kept in mind that makes a website vulnerable to Panda

1. Is the information presented in the webpage trustworthy?
2. Is the content of the webpage written by an expert who is well versed with the industry?
3. Does the website have redundant or duplicate content?
4. Is the content free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?
5. Does the webpage provide value when compared to the other webpages that show up in the search result?
6. What kind of quality control measures have been put into place to ensure the quality of the content?
7. Does the content provided in the webpage offer a complete description of the topic?
8. Would web surfers complain when they see your webpage/s?
9. Is the web content too short and lacking important information?
10. Does your webpage have a high bounce rate?
11. Does your webpage have low quality of inbound links to it?

The latest version of the Panda update is 3.6 which was rolled out on 27th April 2012. On 24th April 2012 Google launched another algorithm called the Penguin Update. The Penguin update is also known as the Webspam update, and it is designed to identify those webpage’s that are spamming the Google Search Engine by using tactics that violate Google guidelines like cloaking, keyword stuffing and link schemes

Factors that need to be kept in mind to avoid your website being vulnerable to Penguin

1. Do not use hidden links or hidden text
2. Do not create similar content across your domains or sub-domains
3. If your website has an Affiliate Program then make sure it adds value to the web surfer by providing relevant and unique content
4. Avoid sending automated queries to Google [example: using software’s to make your submissions]
5. Avoid the use of doorway pages
6. Ensure that your webpage’s are free from malware, Trojans, and do not involve in any malicious behavior

The Panda 3.6 and the Penguin updates are warning attempts towards over optimization that takes away the user experience of the web surfer when they do a search in Google. Google as a search engine will lose its effectiveness if it provides low quality search results, so it has to work towards improving the web surfers experience. The safest route to prevent your website from the penalties of the Panda and Penguin update is to only use White Hat SEO Techniques which adheres to Google’s SEO Guidelines!

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