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There some factors that you will have to consider when you are looking for good affiliate product to promote to your customers. One of the key questions that you will have to ask yourself is whether the affiliate product that you are promoting is targeted enough. Why do you need to ask yourself this question?

The main reason is because you will want to provide a solution to the problems that your customers are facing. You will have to know that they are already looking for specific information and it is your responsibility that you give the correct information. When you offer a product that is targeted, they will be more willing to purchase the solution from you. That is the reason why you will have a business by providing relevant information to them how to make money with pay per install.

This might sound very obvious but it is surprising to know that there still many affiliates who make the mistake of promoting the wrong product to the customer. You will have to always ensure that the information and product that you send to your customer is relevant.

Another common mistake that they make is offering bonus that is not related. It does not mean that your customers will buy the products if you just offer any bonus to them. For example if you are going to sell forex trading products and you are going to offer a bonus report that covers the topic on dog training, it will not work as this is not the information that they are looking for.

By offering the wrong information and promoting the wrong product to your customer, it will badly affect your credibility. When your credibility is not good, more people will unsubscribe from your list and you will get lesser. It is thus important for you to always provide content or products that are relevant to the customers’ needs.

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